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Christening Gowns by Little Blessings Christening Couture

Little Blessings Christening Couture designs exquisite Olde World and Victorian christenings gowns. Baptism gowns are available for infants from zero to 12 months of age (size 000 to size 1). These couture gowns are intended as keepsakes and this collection makes for a perfect family heirloom.

The designer collection includes “Charlie”, an elegant, soft-flowing family gown, framed with satin ties to form pretty bows for girls and loops for boys. “Elizabeth”, a cathedral style gown with tiny puffed sleeves, is designed for the formal baptismal ceremony. The enchanting “Eloise” gown is a perfect choice for a summer or spring christening. The decorative “Josephine” gown is created as a tribute to Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop. The baby-doll charm of the “Julia” gown is a classic choice for both baptismal and naming ceremonies. The collection is represented by the most beautiful christening gowns Australia has to offer. The vintage inspired christening gowns are handcrafted and reminiscent of a bygone era.

Carmel O’Keeffe, designer of Little Blessings Christening Couture, presents a beautiful range of christening gowns.

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Brisbane, Queensland. Australia.

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