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Christening Gowns for Girls

Little Blessings Christening Couture introduces christening gowns for girls to its collection. Rich fabrics, together with skilful construction and bouffant silhouettes, typify this range. The elegant designs pay tribute to 18th and 19th century tailoring. This influential and fashionable period of time explores the history of christening gowns for baby girls.

The cathedral style “Elizabeth” gown is a particularly feminine gown characterised by a decorative panel of layered tulle framed by velvet ribbon. Typical of 18th century gowns, Elizabeth features ornate braid and sumptuous fabric designed for the formal baptismal ceremony.

Throughout history, christening gowns were always white upon request of the church. However, the christening gowns for girls range is available in a mix of both ivory and white, with much attention being paid to the finer details of cut and construction.

This classic heirloom treasure will in time tell a story about when and where the garment was worn, bestowing a timeless memento for future generations. The beautiful Elizabeth gown, inspired by the past, truly captures the quintessence of christening gowns for girls.

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